Real WorldHappy Independence Day!!!

Today also marks my first month in the real world. In a sense, its been a month since I’ve declared complete financial independence from my parents. Now, I am responsible for my own health insurance and car insurance, on top of the rent and other monthly bills.

What a transition it has been! I can’t believe that waking up past 7:30 AM feels like sleeping in. And, if I don’t get to bed by 10 PM it feels like I’m up late. Just a few months ago, it was common to not sleep until 2 AM in the morning and wake up the next afternoon.

Since moving to Wisconsin, I haven’t had the social interaction that I was accustomed to in a college environment. Most drastic is not dining out everyday. Back in Gainesville, I use to eat at a restaurant everyday, literally, with my buddies or my girlfriend. Now that I’m on my own, I’ve been cooking a lot more and dining out less frequently (only with co-workers or catching up with friends in the region). A lot of money has been saved!

Another major milestone was becoming accustomed to a new career. On my first day a month ago, I was given a huge crate with several 2-inch binders full of information that I had to read and understand within two weeks. Yikes! The pressure was on. In a very short amount of time, I also met a bunch of new people and did my best to memorize there names. It was like the first day of class… in middle school… when you knew no one, haha.

The next thing I will need to accept is that my life no longer resolves around semesters. There are no breaks in between with time to recuperate. Dang…