Is looking good (hot, sexy rich), everything?

Ever heard of the $30,000 Millionaires? The term refers to young professionals who pretend they are rich. Essentially, they have a yearly salary of approximately $30,000 yet they purchase expensive products as if they were millionaires. They fake the fortune.

This type of individual seems all too common in today’s world. Especially among my generation of young professionals. After establishing a secure career, they believe they’ve stumbled upon a fortune. Without a thought toward insurance, retirement, or an emergency fund, this group splurges on products that were once perceived as too luxurious. They’re living the dream! And they look good doing it!

I’ve always wondered, at what point does it catch up on them? When does overspending become excessive debt? There has to be a turning point.

You see, my obsession with money management is rooted by the fear of this turning point. Well before I earned a salary, I determined what I wanted in my life. Perhaps discovering what you truly want from life is a turning point… Although I would like (even love) having a sweet $50,000 car, a big mansion, and the finest clothes anyone can by, these luxuries are out weighed by the desire to have a family.

Having to worry about debt would be detrimental to my focus on family At some point, I would like to retire and spend the rest of my life focused on my family… watching my children grow… and perhaps their children. (This will be a VERY long time from now, I’m only 23). Essentially, I’m investing in long term satisfaction… rather than for short term gains (for stock heads, haha).

I wonder how these $30,000 Millionaires make it through the future. Heck, I’d rather feel like a millionaire, than look like one.