Gee, I hope people actually read my blog and are willing to comment. I have an idea and I need some feedback (positive and negative, please!).

I’m thinking about creating a blog about bloggers. Sounds stupid? Maybe…

The idea comes from me visiting several blogs a day. Who needs television, right? haha. When I visit these blogs, one of the first things I do is check out the About page. I like to know some background information about the blogger and the purpose of their website. Usually, if their background information aligns well with me, I bookmark their site. Generally, I like to read about people managing their finances, college students, and recent graduates.

Just the other day, I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be neat if I could read about this all in one place?” Eureka! (I think.) In many ways, it is similar to MyBlogLog and other Blogging networks in that profiles about bloggers are available. However, I am more interested in the history of the blogger, their success, and why they’re blogging. And when it comes to interview type information, I prefer it be presented in article format, rather than question-answer format (that annoys me).

Then I thought, are there other similar ideas to what I’m thinking? Well yeah. Mashable is a blog about social networks, Techcrunch is a blog about Startups, and… perhaps more similar… People magazine is a publication about People!

I registered a domain yesterday, which will add a little bonus to my idea. Am I on to something? Or is this just another bad idea?

I think I’m on to something…