I can’t believe it!!

On Tuesday night, I was in Milwaukee for a business meeting. Now, this was a very unique day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The climate in Milwaukee changed dramatically in a matter of hours. It was approximately 40 degrees the day before, and on Tuesday, the temperate dropped to below 0; literally! WTF?!

So I ask you, why the hell is someone outside scoping out cars to rob in freezing weather?!

As I was getting ready for bed, the hotel called me and told me someone had broken into my car. I went down stairs and discovered my driver side window had been busted open, and my GPS had been stolen; DOH! I was an idiot to leave my GPS system hanging on the windshield. It was a Garmin Nuvi 200 I had recently gotten after Christmas. =( I loved that thing. Being a stranger in Wisconsin, it has been a life saver.

Lesson learned…