This was bound to happen. I guess its all the more pronounced with my upcoming trip to Florida at the end of this month. I miss college.

Well, I don’t miss the stress of it all. I hated studying and attending class. Most of my classes felt mundane and left me unfulfilled. This has become even more apparent now that I’m in the ‘real world’.

What I do miss is all the people. I’ve mentioned before that I was highly active on campus. I enjoyed being involved in student organizations and working on projects that impacted the campus community. Although there were times of stress that resulted from my involvement, the sense of accomplishment from overcoming those challenges overshadowed any problems I encountered.

I also miss hanging out with my fraternity brothers. No, we weren’t the get wasted every day of the week type folk. We were a bunch of goof balls that just hung out. A group of the guys are getting together this weekend for golf and greasy food dining (yum!). Too bad I’m not in Florida this weekend =( .

I’m a sappy guy eh? haha. Man, I can’t wait for Labor Day weekend. Even more, I can’t wait till I finally return to Florida next year.