I have been in Milwaukee this week for a training session with my company. Other employees that started the company with me last June are also here. With everyone away from home and having nothing to do after work, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time together… going to dinner, visiting bars, etc.

Thus far, this week has been a refreshing change from the daily routine. It’s sort of a mini-vacation with all of us here and socializing.

From spending time with my colleagues, I’ve been amazed at how much we all have in common. It’s kind of scary actually, haha. It seems that the company hires people with similar personalities and characteristics. I’ve discovered that we share unique idiosyncrasies such as an attention to detail, punctuality, persistent organization… etc.

We also spend our time talking about work. Like ALL of our time! haha. Since we’re all new to the company, we are experiencing the same unique challenges. Knowing that others are facing the same difficulties has been very therapeutic… its nice to know you’re not alone =) . Its funny how the topic of my conversations have changed from Gator football games…. to daily work activities. It’s also funny to have inside jokes that absolutely no one would understand unless they were working for my company.

Work is such a huge part of my life right now that it has crept into parts of my social life. I talk about work in and out of the office!