florida embroideryWhen I came back to One Greek Store last year, I totally revamped our website. You can see it at www.onegreekstore.com. The new design and improved functionality was worth the 3 months of development. Within the first month, we saw a dramatic increase in sales! That trend continued through the course of the year and has allowed us to expand our business.

Recently, I created another website to attract more clients to our business. Although One Greek Store has been successful, the overall fraternity & sorority market would have a limit. The embroidery equipment that we have can service many more potential clients. Therefore, I recently launched First Embroidery to provide custom embroidery services outside our established Greek market.

If time permits, I hope to launch a few more websites within the year in an effort to attract new customers. Hopefully, the success we recently experienced with One Greek Store will continue forward :)

By the way, I know its been a while, but I’m still kickin’ it.