Where the hell have you been, Dennis?!

So yeah, I’ve completely neglected this blog for two months. Yikes! Rest assured, everything is okay. I’m still alive and well (barely), haha.

From the beginning of September to December 23rd (I’m counting the days), I am in the most intense portion of training for my job. How intense? Like crazy intense… there was a period where I worked 3 weeks straight (Monday through Sunday) at about 10 to 13 hours per day. Ouch! Although I’m budgeted to work 50 hours a week, I’ve definitely invested much more time than that during this training period.

Fortunately, I actually enjoy my work. The time I’m investing right now is reminiscent of what I went through last year with staring One Greek Store and managing my academics. And the main reason that I’m working so hard is that I want to be exceptionally good at what I’m doing. I’m obsessive like that!

As this phase of training comes to an end, you’ll see me post more frequently. I’ll be busting my butt in the professional world until then!