Goals checklistYou may notice that I’ve added a new page to my blog entitled Goals. It contains a list of my goals organized according to when I hope to accomplish them. My immediate goals have a 1 year time frame, the intermediate goals have a 2 to 4 year time frame, and the the long term goals are expected to take 5+ years. I also included perpetual goals which are things I want to accomplish daily throughout my life.

I’ve always set goals for myself. I find that by clearly knowing what I want to accomplish, I provide myself with direction in my decision making. This is useful when life feels chaotic and I’m too busy to think clearly. By revisiting my goals, I am reminded of the priorities in my life.

Furthermore, listing my goals discourages procrastination. When I see all the things I have to accomplish, I’m reminded of how little time I have to do everything I want. So I don’t waste time!

Since starting my first business, I also notice that my personal goals are inextricably connected to my business goals. Which makes sense when considering the fact that I am the individual responsible for achieving those goals. And, being an entrepreneur requires the utmost dedication. At times, I’ve worked late through the night to finish orders for my customers. Naturally, this delves into my personal life and mixes business with pleasure.

Nonetheless, knowing my goals keeps me focused. By publicly posting it on this website, I guess I’m forcing myself to be more accountable in achieving those goals. It’s almost a contract with my readers, haha.