Since I am transitioning from my old blog to this new one, I will recover some old (but relevant) posts. This post is one of them.

Many students are finishing up there semesters right now and will have some free time before school starts again. During this time, I typically write a paper about myself, a biography of sorts.

I strongly recommend students to take a few hours this summer (it really shouldn’t take too long) to write about yourself as well. The purpose of your paper is to describe the events in your life that have affected who you are today. If you’ve never done this before, begin with your earliest significant memories. It may be a big tragedy, like a death in the family; or a success in your life, like winning an award. Provide a synopsis of the event; and, more importantly, talk about what you learned from the event and why it made an impact. Do this for every significant event you can remember. Depending on your writing style and available time, you may choose to write extensively or you may have simple bullet points with details.

Make sure you write about any leadership positions you may have held, sports in which you’ve competed, things you’ve created, special talents you have, and any other original events in your life. By the time you’re finished, you should have written a few pages. If you haven’t, then you may need to get more involved on your campus or find ways to enhance your academic experience.

I began writing about myself at the end of my freshman year. Every summer since then, I update my original document with information about the previous year. Each time I read my biography, I remember those events and am reminded of the lessons they taught me. These lessons have been my constant guide as I tackle the world.

Beyond reinforcing the lessons you’ve learned in life, writing an essay about yourself is useful for many other reasons. They include:

  • Providing a framework for your resume and cover letter
  • Giving you talking points about your experiences in an interview
  • Having excerpts that may be used in essays for applications (scholarships, graduate school, organizations, etc.)

In essence, you’re planning ahead for potential opportunities. And trust me, when you have exams to study for and/or meetings to attend, with an application deadline quickly approaching, having your biographical essay will be useful! Oh, guys don’t write journals… its an essay! haha